Hisao Nakai
Personal Information
Gender Male
Birthday N/A
Zodiac Sign N/A
Physical Attributes
Height / Weight N/A
Bust / Weight / Hips N/A
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Light Brown
Disability Arrhythmia

Hisao Nakai (中井 久夫 Nakai Hisao) is the main character of Katawa Shoujo, and the character that is controlled by the player. Originally from an unknown school, Hisao is transferred to Yamaku Academy after suffering a serious heart attack because of a previously unknown condition, Arrhythmia.

Website Description Edit

Troubled over his months-long stay at the hospital after his heart almost gave out and trying to adjust to his new surroundings, he is trying hard to find his place in world. After being thrown into a new beginning, the chaotic circumstances have forced Hisao to rethink his apathetic disposition, especially regarding things like life, friendship and future.

Scenes Edit

Hisao is found in the following scenes:

Act 1 Edit