Shizune Hakamichi
Personal Information
Gender Female
Birthday May 6
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Physical Attributes
Height / Weight 5' 2" / 116.6 lbs
Bust / Weight / Hips 88/52/85
Hair Color Dark Blue
Eye Color Blue
Disability Deaf and Mute

Shizune Hakamichi (羽加道 静音 Hakamichi Shizune) is the class president of Yamaku Academy, and is one of two members of the student council. Shizune has been deaf and mute since birth, and requires a translator at all times. Though she is mute, she uses facial expressions and hand signals to communicate with others in obvious ways.

Website Description Edit

Strong willed and forceful, Shizune is definitely the leader type. She’s been the class rep, despite being deaf and mute, for as long as her class has had one, and generally takes charge in just about any situation she’s placed in. Shizune is known around the school as a fearsome taskmaster, and skilled manipulator, but also as a fair and just leader.

Scenes Edit

Shizune is found in the following scenes:

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